NB - Prices are (i)indicative only, due to market fluctiations (ii)per kg

Open to trade customers only. This includes builders, electrician, plumbers ,roofers and local businesses.

Please see below for some of our prices for sorted metals, unsorted will be priced at the lowest grade in the mix.

We pay by Same-Day Bank Transfer.

Currently Paying : (17/10/2023)

Bright wire, no enamelled, no lugs£ 5.70/kg
Clean copper tube, electro (no solder, fittings, paint, tarnish)£ 5.50/kg
Heavy Copper (paint and solder ok but no brass)£ 5.00/kg
Braziery (90% copper tube with fittings, no steel)£ 4.50/kg
Uninsulated Tanks£ 4.50/kg
Foamy tanks (less knock of 3 – 8 kg for foam)£ 4.00/kg

Brass (Steel and plastic free)                                                          

 £ 3.30/kg
Irony brass£ 1.80/kg
Cables (Must be plug free and sorted into grades)
Bright Wire £ 5.70/kg
Cores out of armoured cable, not tri-rated £ 3.10/kg
Singles thicker than 2.5mm £ 2.50/kg
Concentric copper cable £ 3.00/kg
Twin&Earth, not tinned or rubber £ 2.00/kg
FP and CAT 5 and YY £ 1.60/kg
Other H/H flex or the above mixed £ 1.60/kg
Very Thick armoured 4x95mm or larger (not fire resistant) £ 3.00/kg
Thick armoured 4x25mm or larger (not fire resistant) £ 2.00/kg
Low grade armor cable, SY and fire resistant £ 1.00/kg
Pluggy cable  (cable with plugs, not plugs with a bit of cable) £ 0.10/kg
Lead                                                                                               £ 1.10/kg
Lead Acid Batteries£ 0.40/kg
Old Rolled Aluminium (no greenhouses)                                £ 0.40/kg
Alu wheels £ 1.20/kg
Other metals
Electric Motors                                                                            £ 0.40/kg
Stainless Steel £ 0.50/kg
For Individual Customer or Trade Person: Same Day Payment.
For VAT Registered Company: 5 Day Payment.
ID Required For All Customers.
No ID No Sale